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Abdulla Al Marzook

Abstract Art

Abdulla Al Marzook

Abdulla AlMarzook is a Saudi Arabian artist who uses mixed media in his abstract paintings.

He studied fine arts in the 1980s in United States of America. Upon returning to Saudi Arabia he worked as a fine art director of youth welfare in Dammam and Qatif for over 15 years conducting art courses specialized in painting, pottery, print making and drawing techniques.

Al Marzook has represented the Kingdom in various art shows abroad, and exhibited in numerous group exhibitions. His earlier major work was a series called “Arabian House,” which helped define his motif of walls and exteriors overlaid with figurative shapes. ‘Desert Rainbow’ was his second series in which he further honed assemblage, a technique, which depended on abstract art and various multimedia, such as transistors, cardboard and burlap.

His most recent work is “Occupation Space” where he uses Arabic calligraphy, creating an overlapping effect in his artwork.

AlMarzook’s artistic search focuses on his theme of privacy and independence.

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