Who we are

Build aesthetic sense as a cultural stance

Artistic brilliance, art culture and art critique are inseparable fields. Naila Gallery was founded on the deep conviction that these fields are inseparable, working hand in hand to build aesthetic sense as a cultural stance. A sense that is continuously refined as one of the most important manifestations of human civilization. With the weight of this realization, Naila Gallery’s responsibilities were formed. Upon it the Gallery’s plans, programs and daily activities were built. In that context, the Gallery is not merely a place to present works of art, but a podium for artistic brilliance, culture, and critique. On this podium the artist, the educated, and the critic gather to meet the interested audience and the avid collectors. Naila Gallery has devoted programs planned by specialized teams to each group of interest.

“Art Riyadh” .. yearly festivity of the arts

The Gallery has expanded its platform through “Art Riyadh” as a yearly festivity of the arts, working intently on discovering talents, embracing emerging artists and beginners, supporting professionals, and setting up art workshops. In addition, it offers art consultations to the audience, collectors, and related specialized parties. All the while hosting educational lectures, seminars, and evening events focusing on culture, critiquing, and analysis to nourish artistic consciousness. As well as enforcing aesthetic taste through visual training on how to approach an artwork.

A robust network of Saudi Arabia, and international artists

In the spirit of keeping up with the accelerating evolution of modern artistic techniques and their topics, Naila Gallery has included sculpting, design, décor and modern art in its many forms including but not limited to fine art, three-dimensional, video, digital and conceptual art. Due to the informational evolution, Naila Gallery recognizes the importance of the relationship between the local art scene and its regional, global, and humanistic surroundings. Therefore, the Gallery has built a robust network of Saudi, Arabic, and international artists. It has also built partnerships with local groups that lead the national fine art movement such as MiSk and the Ministry of Culture. Naila Gallery strives to build bridges and exchange knowledge with institutions, museums, galleries, and not-for-profit institutions around the world.

Private art collection

Naila Gallery has accumulated a private art collection to support and carry out its goals with efficiency and professionalism. This highly selective collection includes works for brilliant and established artists that range from local to international. It boasts an exhaustive inclusion of various techniques and schools of art. The Gallery continues to expand this collection, re-categorizing and modernizing it so that it covers various needs and functions.