Purchasing Consultation and Services

‘Sure bet’ investment

Naila Gallery takes special care of collectors given the importance of the process of purchasing and owning artworks. In addition to being a ‘sure bet’ investment, it is the main lifeline for the life of art and an accurate gauge for the appreciation of art and aesthetic consciousness. Therefore, Naila Gallery looks at collecting as a product of the artistic process and is in and of itself a collective cultural value closely married to the civilization of man.

The service includes meeting collectors

And their consultants and educating them on the latest developments in fine arts field locally, regionally, and globally. The Gallery would supply them with information such as changes within the art movement, different contemporary themes and techniques, the activities of auction houses, the art critique movement along with its expectations, studies involving select artworks, and the artists that have achieved recognition and success in local and international markets.

In addition to all that

The Gallery educates collectors and buyers on the media and materials used, preservation of the artworks, how to clean them periodically, and preventing oxidative damage.

In this field, Naila Gallery has launched a service program to taking care of art collections called “My Collection”.