Permanent Collection

This is a project steered towards discovering talented artists, embracing emerging artists and supporting established professional artists. It allows beginners to participate in workshops, introducing them to different artistic modes and how to deal with them. Through such awareness and educational programs, artists can become familiar with the different schools of art and how concepts can be artistically expressed based on correct foundations and methodology. The project presents the artists with advice and counsel on specifying the topics of their works, its themes, and composition. By participating in Art Riyadh artists can display their works and gain experience in marketing their work and interacting with the audience.

Project “Naila Gallery” offers support to the established artist through expertly organizing their exhibits and presenting them to the audience, groups of interest, and collectors according to a marketing plan under expert supervision. Elements are also taken from their work as materials for educational programs, where they are analyzed and constructively criticized. This in turn would lead to shrinking the chiasm between the artist and the audience, and their works become the subject of the Gallery’s and collectors’ attention. As a product of this process the artists can improve their skills which allows them to attempt novel techniques, thus keeping up with the evolution of the fine arts field.

Gallery has carried out several such events by cooperating with the Ministry of Culture and a strategic partnership with MiSk.