My Collection

For the first time in the Kingdom

The Gallery offers a full service for owners, collectors, private and public organizations, and governmental bodies carried out by expert staff and the latest tools available worldwide. Through service contracts the Gallery can manage art collections by quantitating, documenting, and identifying the creators of each piece as well as estimating the works’ marketability, cultural, and monetary value. With the addition of photographs of each work, the collection can then be catalogued and saved as physical and digital documents conveniently available to the owner.

Restoring and clearing artworks

This service also includes restoring and clearing artworks from damage such as oxidation, canvas creases and damages related to improper storage. Further damage to artworks is prevented by making the owner aware of proper methodology of storage and archiving that is compliant with international museum standards, all the while maintaining accessibility to any piece with ease at any point in time. These restorative efforts and proactive protection of works are accompanied with museum quality canvas stretching and framing. Periodically, the Gallery also offers the displaying of private collections by owners to the art community in Naila Gallery.