Keeping up

Several scenarios

Artworks are bought and permanently presented in a specific space. But sometimes owners would like to change what is on display without expanding their collections or acquiring new artworks. In some other situations, artworks are needed for a specific amount of time to be presented during an event or occasion. In other scenarios still, owners want to simply update their collection to keep up with the newest movements and trends in the art scene.

Keeps up with the most recent movements in art

To that purpose, Naila Gallery offers an alternative to the outright purchase of artworks. By supplying the Gallery with information about the space in question, internal design, dimensions, and purpose of the desired artwork, we can provide an assortment of artworks from which the owner may choose from. These artworks would be installed and kept temporarily until they have served their purpose where the Gallery retrieves them afterwards. Using this service an owner can have a dynamic and continuously changing collection that keeps up with the most recent movements in art.