Fruits and Seasons

For the first time the kingdom

The Gallery is happy to present “Fruits and Seasons”, dedicating all its expertise and capabilities in serving the public within the renaissance vision that the country is currently witnessing on all fronts, especially the efforts aimed at forming the foundations of a cultured civilization. The service is done within the framework of institutes, organizations, and governmental bodies that carry out related cultural festivals, events, and celebrations.

We look at art as the fruit of the culture

Our dedicated investment in the public and the private in that regard stems from our principles and beliefs about art. We look at art as the fruit of culture, produced by the artist who in turn is, by definition, a social creature. The artwork is therefore the most sensitive and delicate driver of fundamental change that occurs on individual and communal levels simultaneously. Naila Gallery has, from its very beginning, centered its activity around this foundational belief. So, it has accumulated a vast experience grounded by controlled intellectual schema that allow it to appraise works containing high cultural value and appreciate artists that have reinterpreted reality, uncovering reservoirs of beauty.

Matches artists with the appropriate events

Given this understanding of art, the Gallery takes pride in the responsibility of supporting organizations and bodies involved in this important process. Naila gallery matches artists with the appropriate events carried out by those organizations to realize the desired goal of presenting, documenting, analyzing, and guiding the audience towards the aesthetics and messages that the works contain. With this service, the Gallery utilizes, with professionalism and expertise, the archives and collections of governmental bodies and partaking organizations; thus, selecting the appropriate works for a given season.

Flavor your season

To that end the Gallery also utilizes its own private collection and expansive network with Saudi artists. With that, we build a suitable and comprehensive exhibition that conveys the event in question with honesty and transparency. Through “Fruits and Seasons” flavor your season with the aesthetics of cultural values and color it with our art.